Dental Exams For School

Summer is winding down and kids are back to school. Among your families busy new schedule be sure to include scheduling your Dental Exams for School. Your child hasn’t seen the dentist in a while? Don’t worry, there is still time.

Who is required to have exams

Dental exams are required in Illinois for children in kindergarten, second grade and sixth grade. Parents and guardians are to submit this form prior to entering the subsequent school year.  This requirement includes students attending all private, public and parochial schools.

What is done

The treatment recommended depends on the age and needs of each individual. Children will receive an exam with Dr. Balice. If indicated, your child may have a routine cleaning with one of our talented Dental Hygienists, Your child may receive necessary x-rays if they are at moderate or high risk for decay. A fluoride treatment may be applied to help prevent decay. Oral hygiene instructions will be provided as well as nutritional counseling if needed.

Don’t fret if you don’t have or have misplaced your child’s school exam form.We keep exam forms on hand. For more detailed information about dental exams for school in the state of Illinois, you can visit the following link. Call us to schedule your appointment today at 708-354-1990.

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