Acidic vs Alkaline (Basic) Bottled Water

My entire career I have spoken to patients about bacteria being the cause of decay. In recent years we focus on acidity and reducing the amount of time our teeth are exposed to acids. Water is best. This is what we preach. Until now. It is hard to believe that something so innocuous could be harming our teeth, yet, it is true.

The Experiment

I decided to perform my own acidity tests on several common bottled waters. I purchased highly rated PH test strips, several brands of bottled water and got to work.


My findings were astonishing. A neutral or slightly higher PH is better. Enamel will begin to breakdown at a PH of 5.5, The root surface (dentin) begins to break down at a PH of 6.5. Here are some of my findings.

Water Brand PH
Aquafina 4.5
Dasani 4.5
Niagra 5.75
Smart Water 4.5

I tested a few brands that claimed to have a neutral or higher PH, but those failed as well.

Water Brand PH Claimed PH
Life Water 5.5 7.0
Core 5.75 7.4
Icelandic 5.75 8.4
Nice Iceland Pure 5.75 8.8

The brands with the highest PH were equally surprising because one of them is carbonated, which we would expect to be more acidic. However, Pellegrino turned out to be closer to neutral than most!

Water Brand PH
Evian 6.75
Figi 7.4
Pellegrino 6.75

Figi was the only bottled water that actually was above neutral! Lastly I tested my house tap water as well as our office tap water.

My house tap water 7.8

Office tap water 7.4


The idea of alkaline water or water with higher more basic PH claims to have bountiful health benefits. However, this has yet to be proven scientifically. If we could count on alkaline water to truly be alkaline, it would be tremendously beneficial for our oral health. Unfortunately we can’t. La Grange Dental Associates would be happy to test the PH of your water, so give us a call to arrange a time to stop in!

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